What’s your number?

Money is just a number.

It’s not magic, it’s not approval, it’s not love. It’s just some numbers written down somewhere that may or may not be attached to your name.

That’s it.

So why then do we decide that it indicates our value, my dear Creative?

Why does the number in that account or on that paycheck or dangling from the end of that contract seem like it indicates our WORTH?

Knowing that you are valuable means knowing your worth is bigger than any payday, larger than any payout, and more sustaining than any paycheck.

Because when you are your worth, you can take that anywhere and make money.

You may say that’s a case of the chicken or the egg but I assure you, it’s more like the golden goose.

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Published by Rhianna Basore

I tell stories of all shapes and sizes.

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