Money Vacay

Have you ever gone on vacation and felt that sense of endless days filled with possibilities?

Wandering new streets and seeing new shops, window-shopping at new places and even buying something you never expected are some of my most favorite parts of traveling.

Yet how often have you gone on a MONEY vacation and felt the power of your spending possibilities?

Try this:

  • Pick out a new part of town (or an old favorite you haven’t visited in awhile).
  • Set yourself a limit for what you could spend if you wanted.
  • If you are a cash person, even take this out of your account to carry with you. Tactile is good for MONEY adventures.
  • Select a few destinations you have been meaning to check out, maybe the new cuban bakery or the thrift store that always has the most *interesting* finds.
  • Grab snacks, a sweater, water, and a journal. Bring all your creature comforts with you!
  • Head out. Breathe deep. Take in the sights.
  • Enjoy the day as if you were on vacation and could allow the experience to unfurl without expectation or limit. Honor your MONEY allowances but know you can spend a little less or a little more if the right thing calls you. Enjoy.

The key here is to tap into the abundance of your daily life where you live, in your everyday experience. You don’t need to go to Bali to live your best life and feel limitless in abundance.

Begin to cultivate the muscles of joy and gratitude right where you are.

Abundance follows appreciation and appreciation happens in the moment. JOY now.

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