Save can be a four letter word

There can come a time in your financial journey when saving becomes enjoyable, even addictive.

After so many years of trying to get that number in your bank account to rise, it feels amazing to stack those zeroes and watch them rise.

This may seem like a good problem to have but it is really the other side of the (MONEY) coin in terms of your financial wellbeing.

Exerting tight control over your finances, sometimes called tight-fisted, is just as unhealthy as overspending.


It can lead to poor financial decisions like keeping too much of your savings in cash. It can lead to denying of quality investments, like vacation time with your family or celebrating a win with a splurge. It can create chronic unhappiness and diminished enjoyment.


Better is a relationship to your money that lets you spend money when it feels right while also keeping enough to feel safe and secure for the long term.

It’s a balance.

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