Accept the offering.

When it comes to money, so often we are looking for it to match exactly what we pictured in our head. To come packaged exactly how it looked in our dreams. To resemble what we have seen before.

Yet as a creative, we thrive on the unexpected, the novel, the extraordinary. We explore what it means to be human beyond the bank book.

This becomes a challenge when we refuse to accept what is being offered to us in the moment. We throw back the small fish thinking a bigger one will replace it.

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

But when you accept what is offered, you can create something fresh from those materials.

Perhaps you weren’t offered a house on a hill with a view of the ocean.

But you may be given the equivalent of a forest near a river and the universe may be asking you to build your own house and to decorate the walls with ocean views.

Co-creating with the universe means setting your course with huge hopes and daring dreams and also spinning what you offered into gold as you go.

But first you have to accept what is being offered.

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Published by Rhianna Basore

I tell stories of all shapes and sizes.

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