Build your legacy.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the external measures of success our society surrounds us with.

Big house. Check.

Fancy car. Check.

Exotic vacation. CHECK.

But often these are not the dreams that still over our eyes in moments of wild abandon. We don’t dream of beaches, we dream of change, of hope, of transformation.

Our dreams tell us what we want our life to feel like.

Yet does your Pinterest board feel like your dreams or does it feel like a #instalife?

Allow yourself to shift your focus from the appearance of what you want your life to look like and to explore what you want it to FEEL like.

Surround yourself with the images, sensations, sounds, and tastes & smells that evoke those emotions in you.

Build the life you are seeking one sensual experience at a time and watch the castle of your dreams spring up in its wake.

It’s MONEY magic.

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I tell stories of all shapes and sizes.

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