Value compounds over time.

Compound interest is the holy grail of wealth building. It seems too good to be true that your MONEY makes MONEY for you over time (if you don’t touch it).

It’s true though.

But while MONEY is always the name of the game when it comes to building a financial future of freedom and stability, it is not the only resource that grows on itself exponentially over time.

Relationships do too.

If you take the time to nurture the relationships in your life, you might just find that the MONEY follows.

This can be the personal resource of your loved ones, who rally your low spirits, have eyes out for further opportunities for you, or even who remind you to take a break and be proud of yourself.

This can also be professional relationships that reflect the build up of trust in you and your talents over time. Yes, we always love when someone ‘takes a chance’ on us but the real dividends arrive when they continue to call on you when they know they need someone like you.

It can also be the relationship of mentors, teachers, and coaches. Continuing to grow your experiences and knowledge base, techniques and tricks can only reward you when a fresh possibility opens up that requires a bit of a stretch to your skillset. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means you haven’t done it yet. And thanks to your investment in guidance (your skillset stretching squad), you can feel the strength of your hard work supporting your efforts.

What relationships do you see paying out greater amounts over time? Take a moment and invest some time there. See what might flourish.

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