Feed yourself first.

Back in the days of my starving artist hustle, I often chose to skip a meal to save time and money. It seemed like sustenance was optional.

SPOILER ALERT: it wasn’t.

I cost myself connection and opportunity by not feeding myself properly.

Yet now that I work on taking great care of myself financially (and all the other ways, frankly), I see that if I had taken the time to care for myself first, then the opportunities I sought would find me.

I wasn’t showing up as my fullest self because I was withholding the resources I needed to function at my highest level.

I missed moments when more was possible.

I skipped social events.

I bowed out of commitments due to untreated overwhelm.

I didn’t know that taking the time to invest in care for myself reaps multiple benefits in the long run.

I choose to prioritize the care and feeding of my best creative life and suddenly I create an environment where I can shine as my most fully realized self.

And who doesn’t want to connect and collaborate with that person?

More creates more. So start letting yourself have more and see what increases without effort.

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