Trust yourself.

After the learning lesson of life, it can be easy to second-guess yourself, especially when it comes to MONEY.

Perhaps the mistakes of the past scream loudly in your ears.

Perhaps they whisper quietly when you try to fall asleep at night.

Perhaps you see their reflections in the successes of others who achieve the dreams you sought.

This loop of self-judgement builds an environment where you may feel your choices are not the best. Your instincts are not to be trusted. Your impulses, too impulsive.

Like a child learning to walk, the stumbles are part of the success. If the toddler only crawls because it knows how to do that without too much struggle, then the growth of learning to walk is never embraced.

Sure, no one ever sees you fall but no one ever sees you run either.

There is learning in wobbles. There is strength building in returning to equilibrium when you head a little too far out for comfort.

Trust yourself and know whatever the outcome, you are offering yourself the best opportunity to learn you can. And you’ll need those skills for what’s next.

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