How can you tell the Future?

SPOILER ALERT: you can’t.

When it comes to how to treat your MONEY, there is a certain amount of prophesy required.

  • You should know if you will have enough to meet your month of expenses.
  • You should have a plan for what you will use your savings for in the next five years.
  • You should know the best kind of investments for your long term goals.

Yet, you don’t. Not really.

The thing about life is that it is unpredictable. It can be a journey of an unknown length through unexpected landscape.

That’s the fun part.

Planning for it can be more challenging.

So when it comes to your MONEY, you want to plan for the things that are likely to happen (e.g. taxes, health stuff, a rainy day) and the stuff that will happen (future plans and goals, like vacations, buying a house, and retirement).

There’s no formula and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

  • You have to gather the knowledge to know what the options are.
  • Tap into your inner sense of knowing
  • Make your best choice.
  • Embrace the experience.
  • Trust that all is coming.


That’s the one constant you can rely on.

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