Do you know WHEN you are?

Have you ever felt like there’s more on your plate than you can possibly handle?

I mean, are you breathing?

The creative pursuit parallels our current belief in what human beings are capable of: MORE.

We invented electricity so we could work all night so why aren’t you??

The answer, of course, is because we are not meant to push 24/7, 365. 

We aren’t.

Sleep and rest are the parts of our creative cycle that allow the creative abundance to pour forth.

For those of you who had ’80s childhoods, like me, you may remember a lovely little device known as the Etch-a-Sketch. It was a literal blank slate where you could turn knobs and magnetized writing would appear on the screen. A precursor to the tablet computer, I’ll admit, but this was gloriously analog.

Because when you were done with the writing or the drawing or the creating, you could shake the whole thing and the writing would disappear. 

It was MAGIC.

You could create a blank slate just by shaking.

This is also what ‘down time’ does for us.

It presses the reset button so we don’t burn out, burn up, or otherwise extinguish our creative flame. 

Yet our worship of hustle culture whispers in our ear, ‘if you aren’t creating, you aren’t existing. If you aren’t moving forward, you aren’t heading towards where you want to go.’

Ah, but you are.

This particular Money Monster is one of the most insidious because he believes he is helping us by keeping us honest and focused.

We can’t get where we are going if we don’t keep trudging ahead, right?


Your creative fuel is your life. 

If you aren’t taking care of that, you will draw from an emptying well. 

One of my beloved creative friends who is also a yoga teacher calls this ‘The Inhale’.

Because you have to inhale so you can exhale.

They are not seperate activities, they are aspects of the same action.

You must inhale so you can exhale.

You must reset so you can create.

You must rest so you can see with fresh eyes.

These are not seperate tasks but continuations of one: the divine art of creation.

Which is what you are here to offer. 

So today as you go about ordering your life to reflect the increasing demand of the creative marketplace, remind yourself that your greatest resource is you.

And you deserve the FULL creative cycle.

Invest in that. Invest in yourself. Invest in the Inhale.

warm wishes & cold cash,


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