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Happy Spring, Creatives!

How does your financial garden grow?

I have been generating the kind of creative spirit that reminds me of the ‘way back’ time of two years ago…before this ongoing global shift was initiated.

I love a busy period to remind me of the power of being active in creation and how much I can truly rely on my talents to provide for me. 

I just spoke with a new producer friend who said the only way to write (his method of expression) is to write. Thinking about writing doesn’t lead to better writing. Writing does.

Yet, maybe like you, I often get trapped in my head, dreaming of the possible while neglecting the present.

It’s a dreamy time of year.

But taking those small steady steps on the regular to produce great work leads to a creative abundance that feels so…..well, satisfying.

This is when the MONEY MONSTER of perfectionism rears his head: Not Perfect Paul.

He tells us that it needs to be our greatest work to exist.

That we need to work harder to create what we are capable of.

That whatever we are doing it will never be enough.

And while I do believe he is helping us become our most abundant creative self, he also holds back the part of our creative self that innovates into the possible.

The one who needs to crawl before they can run.

Who needs to fingerpaint before they can draw.

Who needs to practice before they perform.

In my early acting career, all I cared about was performance. It was a time that felt more alive than life to me and I craved it. 

Everyone told me that I needed to fall in love with process in order to be a great actor, but I really didn’t want greatnesss, I wanted attention.

It was only when stepping back into a smaller market that I found the deep roots of patience and care that made me the actor I wanted to be.

Rushing is not the road to excellence.

Process is.

When I finally found I loved the rehearsal room more than the stage, my reviews went from encouraging to stellar. 

Not that I cared.

As we grow in our fecund possibilities as creatives, we have to chose where our focus lies: on the path ahead or the light inside. 

And I have found when the light inside is the guiding source of my actions, what happens next is in the details. Generating my own creative light draws more attention even as I care less about the approval of the world. 

It frees up so much of my brain to find new solutions to my creative problems.

New approaches to the same old conventions.

New insights into well worn barriers.

So as your springtime begins to activate in the warmth of returning sunshine, remember you create your own light and let it guide your way. 

No matter how abundantly your garden may grow.

warm wishes & cold cash,


P.S. But tell me ~ where’s your money process hung up? Do you feel ready for the reckoning of tax season? Lean into where you are now and let me know if I can help. Comment below and tell me where you need support the most. I’m here to help!

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