Family funds your future.

The way your family dealt with MONEY is how you deal with MONEY.

It is super simple. You mirror the relationship to abundance that was modeled to you as a child.

You might ascribe to the ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and find spending on the little luxuries hard to justify.

You may find that you have more month than MONEY and it reminds you of how unstable your parents’ jobs felt.


You may even feel that you have thrown their rules out to invent your own until you realize they lead to the same behavior underneath.

Our MONEY MONSTERS have the same faces even when we do dress them up in different masks.

And at the bottom, they tend to resemble either our parents or the people who seemed to wield the power or MONEY in childhood. Sometimes the love.

Accepting that this is a given will begin the process of healing that is needed to make conscious financial decisions.

The only way forward is to accept the past.

So can you learn to love your MONEY MONSTER?

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Spend some time with your MONEY.

MONEY likes quality time.

It can grow while you are doing other things (and should) but it does need to be checked in on and cared for.

When I first started my MONEY journey, I thought checking in on my MONEY meant seeing how much I lacked when it came to providing for myself as a creative. Looking at my budget or my accounts felt like failure.

But I had a fire in my belly to make things right with myself financially and get good at MONEY. So I kept at it.

I realized that the growth is meant to come incrementally and it’s watching the evolution that hones your inner guidance of what should come next for your MONEY.

So take some time this week and tackle a part of your MONEY MAP you have been neglecting (ahem, avoiding).

  • See what the numbers are telling you. There is usually a story you can parse out from the pattern, even if you don’t know what exactly it all means.
  • Consider where you can make a small adjustment or tweak that could move you closer to your goals.

MONEY date night, done.

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Enjoy your money now.

Sometimes when the MONEY stuff starts to make more sense, feel less hard, it can be easy to keep your financial eyes on the horizon.

Loving capturing those goals and checking off those dreams.

Some day.

But it’s also important to enjoy the money you have now.

Maybe that means setting goals that are more immediate, say, the next 6 months to a year, and then you celebrate that achievement.

Maybe it means splurging a little bit to balance all the savings.

Maybe it means saying YES when you are tempted (but don’t want to) say no.

It’s not a champagne at the Ritz kind of thing.
It’s a be here now kind of thing.

Building wealth matters but enjoying your money now is your only financial guarantee.

So enjoy it.

Loving the best version of yourself.

When it comes to investing in creating the life you dream, it can be hard to know who to please: past self or future self.

Past self was the little child that wanted things it couldn’t get for reasons it didn’t understand. The world confused them and it didn’t offer the abundance that is now more clear.

Future self is the version of you that is still emerging. You are on your way to embodying them but aren’t fully emerged from that chrysalis (yet).

So when it comes to funding your best creative life, which do you seek to please: the wounded past or the possible future?

Wounded self always gets treats in the moment. See that treat in the window and flash on being told NO? Buy it for yourself. Always wanted a giant bin of every kind of magic marker? Grab them. Feel like your life would be complete if you could just have that experience that everyone else had? Schedule it.

Future self needs space to emerge. Feel like there’s no time to create the things you dream of? Cancel plans. Want to have a little corner where you can work without being disturbed? Carve it out. Think time away is exactly what your muse is calling for? Invest in it.

So when it comes to spending money to create space and freedom, you are feeding the you that is still coming.

If you are indulging in something that brings you a sense of joy and play, your past self is giving you a giant bear hug of thanks.

Both are important and both serve a purpose. Just get clear about what needs your MONEY in this moment.

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Know what you need.

In the busy marketplace of our time, it’s easy to tap into the supply part of ‘supply and demand’ economy.

Every ad that pops up on your feed is a targeted promotion that someone is pretty sure you’ll want.

Catch that: want, not need.

They are tapping into that little kid greediness that wants all the toys and all the candy.

Can you blame them? It’s Big Business.

They are doing their job, and perhaps doing it well if you are considering buying what they are hawking.

But that doesn’t mean your hard earned MONEY needs to move into their hands.


Most things we consider ponying up the cash for are really things that spark our fancy, not that sustain our spirits.

Which is 100% okay.

Buy what please you. You do you.

But also ask yourself, who says I need this, me or the voices around me convincing me to buy?

It’s a good way to make sure you are honoring where you want your MONEY to go and that is truly how you fund your best creative life.

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Know when to hold’m, know when to fold’m.

When it comes to MONEY, it’s easy to only focus on the growth, hopefully upward, hopefully rapid, over time.

And if you take smart steps and apply a sense of the long game, this is probably exactly what you might see reflected in your financial accounts.

Yet, just like a good dance step, there is often a downbeat added in to the upward lift of the music. Yes, the chorus may be rising to a crescendo but there’s also a heavy drop to the rhythm that keeps the music feeling balanced yet complex.

Or as my dad once said, it’s two steps forward, once step back.

Stacking your Benjamins by the pool does sound like all you need to think about once you get on your MONEY journey and that is a great visualization to work with.

But growing anything is a slow and steady rhythm that requires patience as well as understanding that some days the growth is exciting and exponential and some days the growth is internal and invisible to the naked eye.

Both are essential phases of MONEY growth. You just gotta know the difference.

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Value compounds over time.

Compound interest is the holy grail of wealth building. It seems too good to be true that your MONEY makes MONEY for you over time (if you don’t touch it).

It’s true though.

But while MONEY is always the name of the game when it comes to building a financial future of freedom and stability, it is not the only resource that grows on itself exponentially over time.

Relationships do too.

If you take the time to nurture the relationships in your life, you might just find that the MONEY follows.

This can be the personal resource of your loved ones, who rally your low spirits, have eyes out for further opportunities for you, or even who remind you to take a break and be proud of yourself.

This can also be professional relationships that reflect the build up of trust in you and your talents over time. Yes, we always love when someone ‘takes a chance’ on us but the real dividends arrive when they continue to call on you when they know they need someone like you.

It can also be the relationship of mentors, teachers, and coaches. Continuing to grow your experiences and knowledge base, techniques and tricks can only reward you when a fresh possibility opens up that requires a bit of a stretch to your skillset. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means you haven’t done it yet. And thanks to your investment in guidance (your skillset stretching squad), you can feel the strength of your hard work supporting your efforts.

What relationships do you see paying out greater amounts over time? Take a moment and invest some time there. See what might flourish.

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Construct a house for your money.

Money likes a place to belong.

It’s like many of us: if it knows where to go, it tends to hang out there more often.

So do you have somewhere that your money likes to be, snug and secure?

That might be a savings account (High Yield, of course!)

It might be an IRA account where it can make more friends faster over time.

It might be an investment opportunity like a house or a rental property where it can gain worth over time as it matures.

Wherever your money feels best, consider letting it hang out there more often. You’ll be rewarded.

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Your price is your invitation.

It’s easy to think about pricing as prohibitive. In our culture focused on the 1% and the MONEY gap between us and them, how much things cost is seen as a class system of personal worth.

It isn’t.

Something that costs more is not better. It may last longer, offer exquisite craftsmanship, or smell incredible. It is not better.

Value is in the eye of the beholder.

So when you set your price for services or offerings or accept a job offer (which you negotiated, right??), you are inviting someone to take you up on an experience. It’s no different than when you invite a friend over for dinner.

Say you want to share some laughs with a friend and have decided some lovely roast chicken and salad will pair perfectly with the earthiness of a spicy Tempranillo. I mean, who wouldn’t?

When you reach out to your friend and say, wanna come over and eat chicken with me? You aren’t saying if you don’t eat this chicken, we don’t get to see each other. You weren’t saying, chicken or the death of our friendship. You definitely weren’t saying, there is no more chicken after this evening.

That invitation was not the last invitation you will extend to your friend.

It is merely this invitation for this particular kind of experience.

If your friend is busy or recently committed to eating only vegan foods, you probably will get a NO.

And you probably won’t stress about it, knowing there will be another way to hang out another time.

It’s the same with your prices.

Your buyers/clients/person hiring you can jump at the chance to give you money for what you are offering. Or they might say that doesn’t work for me right now.

It doesn’t mean they won’t accept the next invitation to give you MONEY. It’s just maybe not now.

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Build your legacy.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the external measures of success our society surrounds us with.

Big house. Check.

Fancy car. Check.

Exotic vacation. CHECK.

But often these are not the dreams that still over our eyes in moments of wild abandon. We don’t dream of beaches, we dream of change, of hope, of transformation.

Our dreams tell us what we want our life to feel like.

Yet does your Pinterest board feel like your dreams or does it feel like a #instalife?

Allow yourself to shift your focus from the appearance of what you want your life to look like and to explore what you want it to FEEL like.

Surround yourself with the images, sensations, sounds, and tastes & smells that evoke those emotions in you.

Build the life you are seeking one sensual experience at a time and watch the castle of your dreams spring up in its wake.

It’s MONEY magic.

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