Construct a house for your money.

Money likes a place to belong. It’s like many of us: if it knows where to go, it tends to hang out there more often. So do you have somewhere that your money likes to be, snug and secure? That might be a savings account (High Yield, of course!) It might be an IRA accountContinue reading “Construct a house for your money.”

Budgets are flexible.

In times of change or transition, it’s important to remind yourself that budgets aren’t carved in stone and sent by the gods. They are living, breathing documents that are meant to bend with the times. In simple months, perhaps this means you spent a little more on vacation (remember those?) than you meant to. SoContinue reading “Budgets are flexible.”

Protect your ass(ets)

In money and business, you are building a foundation to secure yourself for the long haul. You want a financial cushion that endures. tasks of money, like checking your bank statement for any charges that aren’t right, and in the protection part, where you make sure that your MONEY boat is tightly sealed to survive the storms ahead.

Hard work leads to receiving.

When welcoming abundance, one of the best approaches is to work on receiving. Not the continual hustle of supply and demand, transactions and tasks.You release control and surrender to the experience at hand. But sometimes there are tasks in surrender.

3 Money Principles Actors Can Learn From Shakespeare

Little is definitively known about the man who came from Stratford Upon Avon to make his way in upwardly mobile Elizabethan London. Yet close examination of Shakespeare’s plays, paired with details of his proposed biography, reveals three key money principles that may have guided him to create plague-resistant financial success when his main source of income was largely nonexistent. 

Save can be a four letter word

There can come a time in your financial journey when saving becomes enjoyable, even addictive. After so many years of trying to get that number in your bank account to rise, it feels amazing to stack those zeroes and watch them rise. This may seem like a good problem to have but it is really the other side of the (MONEY) coin in terms of your financial wellbeing.