Mastering your Money

Rhianna Basore is a financial empowerment coach who specializes in helping creatives earn their true worth. Whether they’re negotiating contracts, pricing their services or figuring out how much to reinvest in their businesses, she helps artists, actors, nonprofit organizers, and healers set themselves up for success. Her creative credentials include being an award-winning director, international actor, and professional writer with over twenty years of experience on stage and screen. She is an expert columnist for Backstage Magazine, the number one performing arts trade publication in the United States.   

Mastering your Money is a focused approach for creative business owners and creatives of all stripes who are ready to learn how to clear up their thinking around money, design a money map that will guide them to make the money they desire, and create a long term approach that will keep that money flowing.

This program combines weekly calls and on-the-fly voicemail support to keep you inspired and engaged as you learn the tools and approaches you need to grow your creative business.

Our work is tailored to you and crafted to help you build the pathways to the lifestyle you dream of while overcoming money blocks years in the making!

Managing your Money

We will dive deep into what is holding back the money you desire in your life and build structures to welcome and grow more abundance.

Growing your Creative Business

We will move past the limitations of creative hustle and tap into flow as we create a creative business that rewards you in time and money!

“Rhianna is a fire pistol. Her infectious energy, loving attitude and gentle confidence combine to make her the perfect coach. Having been through ups and downs in the arena of personal finance, she knows exactly how to help a creative person who wants to avoid the topic of money and business. Rhianna carefully walks people into a safe, warm space that can ultimately turn their life around.”

Lauren Williams

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