MONEY cha-cha

One of the things that is hard to grasp in the beginning of the creative MONEY journey is that sometimes you take a step back to leap forward. Sometimes the numbers in your account (or on your residual checks) needs to dip a little bit so they can soar.

When your palms are itching

It’s easy to fixate on MONEY as the answer to your problems. ut often MONEY is taking the place of what we really need. It is an emotional placeholder for something deeper and less tangible that we are looking for out in the world. Something less transactional and something more enduring.

First, calm your mind.

u and the ticking clock of your finances chimes loudly in your ear to become focused on the issues at hand. When you are focusing on the financial storm outside of you, you are oblivious to the inner guidance within you, you are unaware of the opportunities that surround you, and you are weighed down by fear to move in a helpful direction. Y woes around?

Count your blessings.

It’s easy in our bottom line culture to only count your bank account as resources available to you. Yet when you step back and widen your gaze, you might see that you have more than you think you have.

The MONEY dump

Have you ever felt that drop in the pit of your stomach after dropping some MONEY on something, say, a car repair or even a fun vacation? shrink your bank account. Maybe you flash on someday there being only one zero in your account with no other numbers to keep it company. Absolute zero.

Money does not equal love.

It can be so many forms of chasing your emotional tail when it comes to MONEY and your creative career. Each accomplishment pushing a key part of your creative vision further away. Or so it seems.

When in doubt, learn more.

There may come a point in your money journey where the overwhelm kicks in, the path divides, and the step forward becomes uncertain. The best part of the financial journey is that it is one that grows in strength as it grows in wisdom. As you learn more, you gain more. As you gain more, you learn more. These are siblings to keep you company on your path.

Trust the exhale.

Say, you plop a big chunk of change down on something you love, that vintage album you could never find, that apartment you swore you could never afford, that dream trip that finally felt right. ike they are the new normal.