What would you do if you made THE MONEY YOU DESERVE?

  • Pursue that passion project that you’ve been planning for years.  
  • Take that fantasy vacation you’ve been pinning to your dream board.
  • Enjoy more free time to spend with family and friends.
  • Finally write The Great American Novel.
  • Own your own home (or two!).
  • Give back to your community

Do you struggle each month to make ends meet, even after taking on yet another survival job?  Do you set money goals for yourself and then finish the month wondering where your money went?  Do you get tired of the ‘Feast or Famine’ life of the entrepreneur…..and just want to THRIVE


Self Trust Fund

Self Trust Fund is a private 1:1 coaching program to empower female entrepreneurs financially so they can make more money and fund the life of their dreams. 

Using the three pillars of Money Mindset, Money Management, and Money Making, you can gather the approaches, tools, and techniques to attract financial abundance, take better care of your current cash flow, and build the affluence to live your best life. 

This work is meant for the creative brain and is focused on accessible, applicable, and FUN ways to grow your common cents.  

Better businesses comes from a healthy relationship with money.

NOW is your time to take your financial future in hand and build the life of your dreams through 1:1 coaching.

Rhianna Basore is a powerhouse money and mindset coach. I came to her seeking help on how to best package and price my current coaching programs. Rhianna’s knowledge in finance combined with her witty and down-to-earth personality really helped me to solidify my offerings. If you are struggling with anything around money or mindset, definitely connect with her. You’ll be glad you did.”  

– Lisa Marie Pepe, The Confidence Coach and Online Visibility Expert for passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.  



~ Deep dive intensives to root out money blocks and kickstart your journey to financial freedom.

~ Regular coaching one-on-one to keep goals and actions aligned with your personal money goals.



~ Discover fun tips and practical tools to bring your financial future into focus.

~ Craft a personalized approach to cash flow in your creative business.



~ Check-ins to help launch goals to gather money faster into your bank account.  

~ Plant the seeds to grow the financial future you desire.

Are you ready to invest …. in yourself?

My love of a well-run business has sparked a passion for helping female business owners build financial stability for the long haul.  My background managing small nonprofit organizations creates a unique but flexible point of view that helps my clients ebb and flow with the tide of today’s economy. 

-Rhianna Basore

“Rhianna is a fire pistol. Her infectious energy, loving attitude and gentle confidence combine to make her the perfect coach. Having been through ups and downs in the arena of personal finance, she knows exactly how to help a creative person who wants to avoid the topic of money and business. Rhianna carefully walks people into a safe, warm space that can ultimately turn their life around.”  

– Lauren Williams, Movie Hatch

Secure financial footing launches business dreams further.


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