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Light the Way to your Financial Future

Self Trust Fund is the support you need to blast past money barriers and achieve financial freedom as a female business owner.

There are several ways to work with me on all things money! I can help you sharpen your money mindset, refine your money management, and superpower your money-making.




How To Slay Your MONEY MONSTERS course

How to SLAY the #1 thing holding you back from funding your best life.

How To Slay Your MONEY MONSTERS is a self-paced course to help you identify, target, and vanquish your MONEY MONSTERS.

The course includes:

~ The Top Five Ways to Identify a MONEY MONSTER – so you can know’m when you see’m

~ The MONEY MONSTERS volume guide – so you can know exactly why your MONEY MONSTER is keeping you feeling broke, unhappy, and afraid

~ MONEY MONSTERS Mind Movie worksheet – so you can go deeper into your MONEY Story without fear

~ MONEY MONSTERS Mind Movie tracking sheet – so you can finally untangle your MONEY story and rewrite the ending

~ MONEY MONSTER Mind Map – so you can track your MONEY MONSTER back to the beginning

~ MONEY MONSTER word sheet – so you can interpret exactly what your MONEY MONSTER is trying to say

~ MONEY MONSTER Skill sheet – so you can put your MONEY MONSTER to work making you money

~ Ideal Day dream list – so you can begin to build a life without MONEY MONSTERS

~ MONEY MONSTER Master Planner – because MONEY MONSTER Slayers put action behind their dreams

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Your Money Circle ~ a monthly money membership


The Money Club

A monthly book club where we read, discuss, and earn together. 

~ Weekly journal prompts

~ Sunday discussion thread

~ Monthly membership calls

~ Endless conversations about money matters

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Time to Shine 90 minute Intensive

Defeat the money mindset that’s holding you back and build the practices to attract abundance.

Go from where you are now to funding your best life ~ dive deep in a 90 minute intensive coaching call to overcome the thinking that keeps you stuck, scared, and broke.

~ Create a path to financial freedom that is currently the stuff that dreams are made of

~ Identify the main money block currently holding you back

~ Explore solutions to overcome the detours to your cash flow

~ Organize your business efforts to transcend limitation and invite in financial stability and long-term wealth-building

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On-Going 1:1 Coaching Support

Tackle your money challenges in real time with the support you need to fund the life of your dreams.

To support your money transformation, we will take a hands-on, personalized approach to craft your dream life as an entrepreneur.

We may build an action plan for your goals, explore new ways you can welcome in more money, or even refine your current money practices to kickstart your journey to financial freedom.

It’s all tailored to you ~ and your business!

This work is self paced.  We may set up regular one-on-one calls, quarterly check-ins, or even schedule an afternoon jam session to supercharge your business goals – whatever YOU need to put the FUN back into funding your financial future.

Available upon request after completing a Time to Shine 90 minute intensive coaching call with Rhianna

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