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Self Trust Fund is the support you need to blast past money barriers and achieve financial freedom as a creative

We start with a Discovery Call to dig deep into your challenges and explore the ideal way to target what’s holding you back from the financial future you deserve.  You leave with clarity on the Self Trust Fund approach that will best help you make your money goals a reality.

To support your money transformation, we will take a hands-on, personalized approach to build and fund your dream life as a creative. We may craft an action plan for your goals, explore new ways you can welcome in more money, or even refine your current money practices to kickstart your journey to financial freedom. It’s all tailored to you ~ and your creative business!  

This work is self paced.  We may set up regular one-on-one calls, quarterly check-ins, or even schedule an afternoon jam session to supercharge your creative business goals – whatever YOU need to put the FUN back into funding your financial future.

Time to Shine 90 minute Intensive

Defeat the money mindset that’s holding you back and and build the practices to keep them gone for the long term to take you from where you are to where you want go.

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Mastering your Money 1:1 coaching

Clear up your thinking around money, design a money map that will guide you to make the money you desire, and create a long term approach that will keep that money flowing in a focused private coaching program.

Email me at to join the waitlist for our next session.

On-Going 1:1 Coaching Support

Tackle your money challenges in real time with on-going hands-on support for you and your creative business as it continues to grow and build the financial abundance to live the life of your creative dreams.

Email me at to start the conversation!

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