The worst word in the world – after taxes – might be BUDGET.  A skin-tight word that feels like a seatbelt separating you from all the fun you could have.  A word that means maybe those cute shoes and happy hour on Friday are not your friends. 

But having more bills than money at the end of the month also feels pretty *NOT GOOD*.

What if you could have the best of both worlds – money that feels good to spend but also feel flush enough to meet your bottom line?


Say what, my friend?  Compound what?  Fracture?  Huh?

Compound Interest is the most amazing aspect of money, where you get paid for having money.  Really.  People with money will pay you to hang out with your money.  It’s like the financial cool kids club.

In quick and dirty detail, compound interest is the interest you are paid for letting someone keep your money in house, like reverse rent, where you get paid to live there.  Over time, that money they pay you starts to earn interest too.  So the money they pay you becomes even more money, just like bread dough swells in size when left in a warm spot long enough. 

In this case, the banking institution is your warm spot.  It’s super cozy there.

That’s all great for people with money to just leave around and collect dust, you might say, but what about those of use with more hustle than cash??

Imagine for a moment that instead of focusing on the amount of money you have to spend, you focus on what it does for you.  Money is only an exchange of energy after all. 

Maybe you prioritize that massage each month because your body is a temple and you deserve it.

Maybe you always say yes to a night out with friends because social time is the best time and you only live once.

Maybe you have a vintage coat collection that does not replenish itself (*cough*cough*and you live in Southern California where it’s always sunny and warm.  Not saying I know this person but she seems to have a copy of my credit card.) 

More than the goods or experience you are buying, what you are buying is the way it makes you feel to spend money on those things.

And it’s different for everyone.

Maybe that massage makes you feel like a Queen.  We all need more Beyoncé in our life.

Maybe the massage keeps you loose, limber, and healthy for the show you are doing.  Have you seen Lady Gaga after her Vegas show?  Girl makes self care look like an epic battle for health. 

Maybe the massage lets you be still and breathe and not think for a whole hour.  Namasté, goddess. 

Whichever one it is (and maybe it’s all three), that feeling is what you are buying more than the object itself

That’s why when it’s gone…..or lost…..or stained….it doesn’t have the same value as when you bought it. 

The trick is – and this is where it gets really fun – that feeling can come from a whole range of things. 

What else do you do ~ or can you do ~ that makes you feel that way you want to feel?  This is where you get Creative.  It’s literally your job!

  • Does your inner Beyonce need to rock some heels and stomp around to music?  (Mine usually does.)
  • Does your Lady Gaga need to add a foam roller to her nighttime ritual?  In the words of the great Ru Paul, can I get an amen?!
  • Does your inner goddess need to light a candle and breathe in the morning so that her motor is not running on hyperdrive at all times?

Guess what?  Those are all FREE ways to meet the same need and feel the way you want to feel. 

And you can take the difference all the way to the bank. 

That means when it is time to get on that massage table and have a ‘Calgon, Take Me Away!’ moment, you will enjoy it more, knowing that you earned it……

From the compound interest of meeting your own emotional needs. 

The money you could have spent on all those regular massages you saved by choosing to meet those emotional needs in other ways. 

AAAANND that saved money made you interest….which is cash…..in your bank account…..that you can know use to treat yourself to real stuff. 

You paid yourself to get a massage. 


And that is some Rock Star level stuff right there.  Nice work!

~~Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!  Can’t wait to share my next blog post next Friday, same bat time, same bat channel. ~~

There is life outside of the spreadsheet!! ~ Rhianna Basore

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