Consider Joy

When it comes to making money, creatives hold a cultural belief that it’s all or nothing. They are either starving artists in a garret and hole-y gloves or they are sell-outs making pop cultural roadkill.

This all-or-nothing thinking might ring a bell from another challenging aspect of human existence: exercise. You are either running 15 miles every day (up hill both ways!) or you are a lazy bag of bones.

Simply not true.

All efforts, like all money, counts.

The money you earn from jobs you love, money.

The money you receive as a gift, of thanks, inheritance, or luck. Money.

The money you earn from stuff you did years ago. MONEY.

It all counts.

So if that’s true, why not lean into the ways you make money that bring you joy?

Spark joy and make money.

Sounds pretty good to me.

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