Money is not the problem

How often have you caught yourself saying, ‘if I only had the money’?

It’s a refrain that plays out in our conversations (and in our brains) like an earworm. And it plays so often that it becomes white noise in the background.

We use this downbeat as the soundtrack of our lives, a syncopation that we carry into the things we do and the conversations we hold.

But! It holds an intrinsic falsehood.

When we wait for the money to arrive before we take action, we often don’t take the preliminary actions that prepare us for the big move we are dreaming about. Think about it: moving to your dream city requires packing your stuff, finding a place for them to be, maybe making connections in your new city. None of that requires money. It requires action.

And if you are waiting for the money to take action, you aren’t building the supporting muscles that you keep you grounded and safe during times of thrilling transitions. This can lead to what Gay Hendricks calls Upper Limit Problems, or the ways we bounce out of the experiences we so long to have.

So while the money may be a key part of the major move you are looking to make, the strengthening of foundational muscles is more important so you can stick the ending when you get there.

Repeat after me: I am building the future I long to see with every action I take.

Ahh! so much better, right?

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