The MONEY dump

Have you ever felt that drop in the pit of your stomach after dropping some MONEY on something, say, a car repair or even a fun vacation? shrink your bank account. Maybe you flash on someday there being only one zero in your account with no other numbers to keep it company. Absolute zero.

There’s support in the banana stand.

The thing about abundance is that it’s everywhere. t surrounds us in every moment, in everything that we do. But like driving through fog, we are not able to see what surrounds us for what it truly is.

Family funds your future.

The way your family dealt with MONEY is how you deal with MONEY. It is super simple. You mirror the relationship to abundance that was modeled to you as a child. You might ascribe to the ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and find spending on the little luxuries hard to justify. You mayContinue reading “Family funds your future.”

Money is not the problem

How often have you caught yourself saying, ‘if I only had the money’? It’s a refrain that plays out in our conversations (and in our brains) like an earworm. And it plays so often that it becomes white noise in the background. We use this downbeat as the soundtrack of our lives, a syncopation thatContinue reading “Money is not the problem”