Family funds your future.

The way your family dealt with MONEY is how you deal with MONEY.

It is super simple. You mirror the relationship to abundance that was modeled to you as a child.

You might ascribe to the ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’ and find spending on the little luxuries hard to justify.

You may find that you have more month than MONEY and it reminds you of how unstable your parents’ jobs felt.


You may even feel that you have thrown their rules out to invent your own until you realize they lead to the same behavior underneath.

Our MONEY MONSTERS have the same faces even when we do dress them up in different masks.

And at the bottom, they tend to resemble either our parents or the people who seemed to wield the power or MONEY in childhood. Sometimes the love.

Accepting that this is a given will begin the process of healing that is needed to make conscious financial decisions.

The only way forward is to accept the past.

So can you learn to love your MONEY MONSTER?

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