Spend some time with your MONEY.

MONEY likes quality time.

It can grow while you are doing other things (and should) but it does need to be checked in on and cared for.

When I first started my MONEY journey, I thought checking in on my MONEY meant seeing how much I lacked when it came to providing for myself as a creative. Looking at my budget or my accounts felt like failure.

But I had a fire in my belly to make things right with myself financially and get good at MONEY. So I kept at it.

I realized that the growth is meant to come incrementally and it’s watching the evolution that hones your inner guidance of what should come next for your MONEY.

So take some time this week and tackle a part of your MONEY MAP you have been neglecting (ahem, avoiding).

  • See what the numbers are telling you. There is usually a story you can parse out from the pattern, even if you don’t know what exactly it all means.
  • Consider where you can make a small adjustment or tweak that could move you closer to your goals.

MONEY date night, done.

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