Enjoy your money now.

Sometimes when the MONEY stuff starts to make more sense, feel less hard, it can be easy to keep your financial eyes on the horizon.

Loving capturing those goals and checking off those dreams.

Some day.

But it’s also important to enjoy the money you have now.

Maybe that means setting goals that are more immediate, say, the next 6 months to a year, and then you celebrate that achievement.

Maybe it means splurging a little bit to balance all the savings.

Maybe it means saying YES when you are tempted (but don’t want to) say no.

It’s not a champagne at the Ritz kind of thing.
It’s a be here now kind of thing.

Building wealth matters but enjoying your money now is your only financial guarantee.

So enjoy it.

Published by Rhianna Basore

I tell stories of all shapes and sizes.

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