Loving the best version of yourself.

When it comes to investing in creating the life you dream, it can be hard to know who to please: past self or future self.

Past self was the little child that wanted things it couldn’t get for reasons it didn’t understand. The world confused them and it didn’t offer the abundance that is now more clear.

Future self is the version of you that is still emerging. You are on your way to embodying them but aren’t fully emerged from that chrysalis (yet).

So when it comes to funding your best creative life, which do you seek to please: the wounded past or the possible future?

Wounded self always gets treats in the moment. See that treat in the window and flash on being told NO? Buy it for yourself. Always wanted a giant bin of every kind of magic marker? Grab them. Feel like your life would be complete if you could just have that experience that everyone else had? Schedule it.

Future self needs space to emerge. Feel like there’s no time to create the things you dream of? Cancel plans. Want to have a little corner where you can work without being disturbed? Carve it out. Think time away is exactly what your muse is calling for? Invest in it.

So when it comes to spending money to create space and freedom, you are feeding the you that is still coming.

If you are indulging in something that brings you a sense of joy and play, your past self is giving you a giant bear hug of thanks.

Both are important and both serve a purpose. Just get clear about what needs your MONEY in this moment.

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