Know what you need.

In the busy marketplace of our time, it’s easy to tap into the supply part of ‘supply and demand’ economy.

Every ad that pops up on your feed is a targeted promotion that someone is pretty sure you’ll want.

Catch that: want, not need.

They are tapping into that little kid greediness that wants all the toys and all the candy.

Can you blame them? It’s Big Business.

They are doing their job, and perhaps doing it well if you are considering buying what they are hawking.

But that doesn’t mean your hard earned MONEY needs to move into their hands.


Most things we consider ponying up the cash for are really things that spark our fancy, not that sustain our spirits.

Which is 100% okay.

Buy what please you. You do you.

But also ask yourself, who says I need this, me or the voices around me convincing me to buy?

It’s a good way to make sure you are honoring where you want your MONEY to go and that is truly how you fund your best creative life.

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