Know when to hold’m, know when to fold’m.

When it comes to MONEY, it’s easy to only focus on the growth, hopefully upward, hopefully rapid, over time.

And if you take smart steps and apply a sense of the long game, this is probably exactly what you might see reflected in your financial accounts.

Yet, just like a good dance step, there is often a downbeat added in to the upward lift of the music. Yes, the chorus may be rising to a crescendo but there’s also a heavy drop to the rhythm that keeps the music feeling balanced yet complex.

Or as my dad once said, it’s two steps forward, once step back.

Stacking your Benjamins by the pool does sound like all you need to think about once you get on your MONEY journey and that is a great visualization to work with.

But growing anything is a slow and steady rhythm that requires patience as well as understanding that some days the growth is exciting and exponential and some days the growth is internal and invisible to the naked eye.

Both are essential phases of MONEY growth. You just gotta know the difference.

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