Values compounds over time.

Compound interest is the holy grail of wealth building. It seems too good to be true that your MONEY makes MONEY for you over time (if you don’t touch it). It’s true though. But while MONEY is always the name of the game when it comes to building a financial future of freedom and stability,Continue reading “Values compounds over time.”

Your price is your invitation.

It’s easy to think about pricing as prohibitive. In our culture focused on the 1% and the MONEY gap between us and them, how much things cost is seen as a class system of personal worth. It isn’t. Something that costs more is not better. It may last longer, offer exquisite craftsmanship, or smell incredible.Continue reading “Your price is your invitation.”

What’s worth more than gold?

mpting to weigh your abundance by the numbers in your bank account (or the negative balance on your credit card). The way the numbers line up on the account statements feels like a measure of your worth. t there is often more in your cup than you realize.

What’s your number?

Money is just a number. It’s not magic, it’s not approval, it’s not love. It’s just some numbers written down somewhere that may or may not be attached to your name. That’s it. So why then do we decide that it indicates our value, my dear Creative? Why does the number in that account orContinue reading “What’s your number?”

Lead with value.

When your work is play, so often it is hard to see it as valuable. Our culture teaches us that hard work is noble and suffering is required for growth. Yet, watching children explore the things that fascinate them demonstrates how untrue this #adulting assumption is. A child that wants to feel in control mightContinue reading “Lead with value.”

Money is not the problem

How often have you caught yourself saying, ‘if I only had the money’? It’s a refrain that plays out in our conversations (and in our brains) like an earworm. And it plays so often that it becomes white noise in the background. We use this downbeat as the soundtrack of our lives, a syncopation thatContinue reading “Money is not the problem”