How’s your money rhythm?

What’s shakin’, creative money magnets?

It’s that busy time of year where the peace of the holidays starts to get replaced by our compulsion for activity. It is frenzy, it is drive, it is ‘doing for the sake of doing’.

All of which exhausts the creative spirit. 

You know that, right?

Creativity is a gentle beast that requires the utmost care and quiet to regenerate our life experiences into gold. It’s the literal unicorn of skill sets.

For those of you not as entrenched in myth and legend as I find myself lately, the best way to tame the beautiful wildness of the unicorn was for a ‘virgin’ to sit quietly and wait. 

While every modern sensibility in me bristles at that idea, there is a nugget of gold for us to mine in it.

When we show up in our purest form and wait ‘without expectation’, then the magic shows up.

It is the purity and the patience that invites the miracle.

As a lifelong creative with a passionate, ‘want it now’ nature, purity and patience have not always been my strong suit.

I want it now and I want it this way and I want it only to come from this exact source. 

So. Many. Demands.

Poor Universe!

I wouldn’t want to deliver miracles to someone like that either. 

But as I learn to dance with the power of creation, aka LIFE, I have seen how much it loves a strong lead who knows how to let their partner shine.

For those of you who didn’t go to cotillion and study classical theatre like me (nerd alert!), the best partner in ballroom dance is the one with a steady arm to direct and frame their partner’s beauty. 

In this example, we, my dear creative warrior, are the strong armed partner, sharing our visions clearly with the universe, holding firm to the steps of that vision, and allowing the universe to shine.

Because even though we are the dancer, we are not the dance. 

And isn’t that wonderful?

So please offer your creativity the rest and repair it needs even as the rhythm picks up.

The reward is never far behind.

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