Happy New Year, Money Monster Masters!

How’s your new year treating you so far, my abundant Creatives?

2022 is off and running and many of you might be thinking, how in the world did that happen??

So many goals, so many intentions, so many plans…..7 days in to January…where am I at?!?

This is (of course) our old friend Money Monster coming to play tricks on you. Time is something we made up to keep us EXPECTING something to happen and more often than not, we use it to use and abuse ourselves for living life at our own pace.

Yes, I dare say it, we use TIME TO BEAT OURSELVES UP.

Chronos (a greek word meaning ‘time‘) is the human construction of deadlines, commitments, and demands. 

Have this to me STAT.


That will be available on Monday for your review, even if I have to work through the weekend.


If this isn’t in by tomorrow, I’ll miss my shot.


How is your breathing now, after reading all that Chronos-speak? Are your shoulders in your ears? Do you already feel behind even if you’ve just started reading this email?

Breathe, my luminous creative spirit, breathe.

Our abundance isn’t something we can order up like pancakes. 

It’s more like a relationship, one that requires pancakes (serious YUM!) but also rest, repair, and nurturing. 

Did you add that to your 2022 list of goals? 

I really hope so.

warm wishes & cold cash,

P.S. Feeling ready to kick Chronos to the curb? Book a Time to Shine 90 minute intensive with me and start your 2022 with a fresh outlook on what you are inviting into your life, financially and creatively. You can do that using this link: Time to Shine 90 minute intensive Let’s make it a year to prosper.

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