MONEY cha-cha

One of the things that is hard to grasp in the beginning of the creative MONEY journey is that sometimes you take a step back to leap forward.

It feels funny, counter-intuitive, wrong. But it’s true.

Sometimes the numbers in your account (or on your residual checks) needs to dip a little bit so they can soar.

I call it the MONEY cha-cha, a back step to swing forward (and sway your hips for good measure).

Think about it this way: to jump far, you take a step back to coil your muscles for the spring.

MONEY can be the same way.

  • You might need to invest to get started in a resource for your creative business, maybe software or new tech to capture your incredible talent.
  • You may need to attend a high ticket price event to meet the collaborators you need for your next great project.
  • You may need to get some serious training to hone your skills in ways that makes you stand out in your creative marketplace.
  • You might need to take a survival job/day job that pays less so you can focus on your creative business more.

All of these are incredible reasons to let your bottom line shrink temporarily.

The trick is to know why you are making the choice to reduce your income and to know the timing for course correction if the MONEY takes some time to start flowing in again.

I have a great 90 minute intensive where we can talk about just that: how to know when to take the financial risk and when to know it’s time to get back on track with your MONEY. You can find out more about this special 1:1 coaching with me here:

Can’t wait to chat with you about your MONEY risks ~ and rewards that are right around the corner!

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