Production problems, no problem!

And I have found when the light inside is the guiding source of my actions, what happens next is in the details. Generating my own creative light draws more attention even as I care less about the approval of the world. 

Singing the MONEY love blues?

find and then offer appreciation as we grow more. It forces us to take a moment and reflect if our time matches our intention. It’s an emotional health check that truly allows us to know if we feel like we have ‘enough’.

Better the dinner you know…

It’s easy to get obsessed about the HOW of your creative abundance ~ how it’s going to flow, how it’s going to come, how it’s gonna show up

How’s your money rhythm?

It’s that busy time of year where the peace of the holidays starts to get replaced by our compulsion for activity. It is frenzy, it is drive, it is ‘doing for the sake of doing’. All of which exhausts the creative spirit.
You know that, right?

Happy New Year, Money Monster Masters!

How’s your new year treating you so far, my abundant Creatives? 2022 is off and running and many of you might be thinking, how in the world did that happen?? So many goals, so many intentions, so many plans…..7 days in to January…where am I at?!?