Better the dinner you know…

Are you feeling the creative love pouring in or is it feeling like you are continually waiting for rain?

It’s easy in our land of plenty to get obsessed with the obvious abundance around us.

We are so fortunate.

To live in this time.

To live in this place.

To live among these people.

Life is good.

Yet, as a creative in a Tesla-saturated landscape, it can feel like the simplicity of creative joy doesn’t add up.

Bills gotta be paid.

Commitments gotta be honored.

Dental cleanings gotta happen.

Life, amiright?

But this is where the opportunity is present in the challenge. 

The solution is hidden within the problem. 

The answer was within you all along.

It’s easy to get obsessed about the HOW of your creative abundance ~ how it’s going to flowhow it’s going to comehow it’s gonna show up, that we so often forget to rely on the WHAT.

What we are trying to create.

What stories our audience wants us to tell.

What makes us freaking happy, for goodness sake.

This is the emotional equivalient of demanding to know HOW a customer will pay for dinner before they even order the meal. 

And besides, as far as MONEY goes….. 

Cash, credit card, check, it all counts, no?

But too often we get caught up in the details of the delivery method, how much we’ll make, how this project will finally make a splash, how we will finally get what we deserve.

How, how how.

But when you refocus your efforts around the things you want to say and the stuff you want to express, then the receiver (who likely is very excited to pay money for your brilliance) can see what it is you are actually offering.

Your emotional confusion around the WHAT clouds the HOW you will make bank.

Tap back into the joy, the wisdom, the clarity of your creativity and then make something from there.

Your buyers are waiting to hear what you’re up to.

warm wishes & cold cash,


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