Better the dinner you know…

It’s easy to get obsessed about the HOW of your creative abundance ~ how it’s going to flow, how it’s going to come, how it’s gonna show up

How’s your money rhythm?

It’s that busy time of year where the peace of the holidays starts to get replaced by our compulsion for activity. It is frenzy, it is drive, it is ‘doing for the sake of doing’. All of which exhausts the creative spirit.
You know that, right?

Count your blessings.

It’s easy in our bottom line culture to only count your bank account as resources available to you. Yet when you step back and widen your gaze, you might see that you have more than you think you have.

The MONEY dump

Have you ever felt that drop in the pit of your stomach after dropping some MONEY on something, say, a car repair or even a fun vacation? shrink your bank account. Maybe you flash on someday there being only one zero in your account with no other numbers to keep it company. Absolute zero.

Save can be a four letter word

There can come a time in your financial journey when saving becomes enjoyable, even addictive. After so many years of trying to get that number in your bank account to rise, it feels amazing to stack those zeroes and watch them rise. This may seem like a good problem to have but it is really the other side of the (MONEY) coin in terms of your financial wellbeing.