The MONEY dump

Have you ever felt that drop in the pit of your stomach after dropping some MONEY on something, say, a car repair or even a fun vacation?

You know what I mean, that gut punch deep in your belly when you watch the zeroes shrink your bank account. Maybe you flash on someday there being only one zero in your account with no other numbers to keep it company. Absolute zero.

This sensation is different than a spending hangover when you might regret the shopping spree or extra rounds of fancy drinks you ordered.

This is when something you know is a necessary and important purchase comes due.

As you build your reserves of abundance (and that definitely includes but is not limited to your bank account), you may find yourself focusing on only growing the bottom line, pulling the cash flow into a tighter and tighter net to catch all the greenbacks you can.

Yet this is what you might call a spending anorexia. An attempt to exert control over your circumstances by reducing your personal needs in increasingly stringent methods.

Discipline can be good when it comes to building up wealth.

But, like working out too hard, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Give yourself the freedom to know how much spending is actually a healthy part of life and how much is beyond your personal limits.

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I am happy to help!

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