Heavy days?

What’s the good word, creative powerhouses?

I don’t know about you but I am feeling the seductive grasp of Spring in my midst. I am dreaming of blooms and sunshine and easy days. 

There’s something about the expansion of early Spring that might make it my favorite season (but who can say? They are all gorgeous).

Part of its power for me is what a great time it is to stop taking stock of life and start taking action. 

The winter is starting to release its heavy grasp and the promise of growth is light and fresh and easy. Like a tickling breeze on a warm day.

No effort, only pleasure. 

And how much do we love the idea of pleasure in our pursuits?

And how often do we get mired in the heaviness of Work?

And how rarely do we remind ourselves we do this creative thing for Love with Love?

So why do we let LOVE leave the building??

You know why.

Our dear friends MONEY MONSTERS.

They chase all the joy and freedom from our creative pursuits.

Which rob them of their passion.

Which freeze them in place.

Which halts them mid-creation.

It’s the MONEY MONSTERS themselves that keep us from making the money we deserve because they distract us from the real work we are here to do: freely, abundantly, joyfully.

So today when that MONEY MONSTER gets to howling, turn your face to the sun and dream of the creative buds just under the soil waiting to join you in Spring.

Because Spring is nearly sprung and that’s a whole new season.

warm wishes & cold cash,


P.S. This is me reminding you how much we need your creative light. Do me a favor and trust it today, okay? Don’t interview it, don’t second guess it, EMBODY it. You got this.

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