Feeling nipped in the bud?

Holy timechange, Creatives!

The change of the season is almost upon us. Are you ready to spring forward into warmer days and longer expanses of sunshine?

I’ve been thinking a lot about those sweet seeds settling in under the soil, waiting for Spring to set them free.

I am working on designing a garden in my new home and it feels daunting to create a living expression of art for my neighbors to enjoy. 

The planning I need to know when to plant what, the containers for all the plants and their needs, the time to spend with each one bathing it in love and plant food…

Sometimes feels like one more thing to take care of (and not enjoy).

Yet I am a gardener’s daughter, an earth creature, someone who loves the feeling of soil under my fingertips and the glint of green catching my eye as I work. 

It’s one of my most powerful rituals for self care: the caretaking of my garden.

So why then does this cultivating of creative lifeforce feel so overwhelming in its scope?

Because I am trying to know what it is before I *know*.

It’s ever thus with creative projects. There’s this invisible pressure we put on things that allows us to plan more than create, worry more than experiment, and dream more than manifest.

We allow our visionary brain to overtake our heart’s desire to just do the damn thing.

If you’ll pardon my french.

It’s so natural. It’s so easy. It’s so common to cling.

The idea feels more precious than the end product because it doesn’t exist.

Once our ideas are out of our brain, we can see that they are extraordinary (yes, of course, we are all GENIUSES!) but they are also easy to come by.

Ideas beget ideas.

Just as work begets work.

You want to create your amazing masterwork?

Just get started making all the little ‘also good’s that sit in your brain on the way to your Big Thing.

Because those are also valuable.

Someone will pay you for your ‘Ipod’ on the way to your creative version of the ‘Iphone’.

The ipod is not a bad idea simply because it was an earlier incarnation of a gamechanging piece of technology.

It was cool in its moment and even now still has its place.

And it still makes money.

So rather than waiting for Summer’s strong rays to bake your ideas in gold, tease out the earlier versions of visions you have been cultivating all winter.

You never know, one of them may be the flower that fruits for years to come. 

Green begets green, after all.

warm wishes & cold cash,


P.S. Let me know what ideas you are cooking up for the coming months. Hit reply on this email and tell me what buds of brain breakthroughs are just waiting to come to the surface. I wanna know!

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