Stop the world!

It’s a busy time, I’m sure, filled with intentions, plans, and goals. 

Thursday, amirite?

Yet when the world starts whirling around you and the worry ticker starts in your head, take one thing off your plate.

Like those amazing variety act performers who spin plates at faster and faster rates,

it can be easy to decide that MORE is better when it comes to moving the things you want forward. 

But much like the New Years burnout that happens around mid-January, there is a real sense of overwhelm that can look like defeat when too much is taken on at once.

The MONEY MONSTER may demand more, more, MORE!

But that’s the opposite of what you need to do.

Which is…


When you hit a wall or feel like things are never going to move forward, take a moment, take a breath, and take one thing off your plate.

Just because you set it down doesn’t mean that dream won’t move forward.

It only means you are crafting your attention like the divining rod it is and allowing the power of your intention to focus on one source.

And one source at a time.

That kind of focused attention is the true power of the mind in manifesting. 

Often diffusing our focus over too many things at once is a form of hiding.

It’s a way out we give ourselves, rather than go ‘all in’ on what we want most. 

Set your sights on one thing and take action.

That’s where the magic lies. 

warm wishes & cold cash,


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