Public enemy #1

When it comes to MONEY MONSTERS, it’s easy to fixate on all the ways they hold you back. The ways they keep you from things you are convinced are better than the ones you have.

Yet MONEY MONSTERS are really there to keep you safe. Wrapped tight as a bug and held close for ‘safety’.

They mean well.

They are protecting you from the great unknown.

This is an important part of human survival, the section of the brain where imaging the worst leads to vanquishing challenging circumstance.

It’s why we are here today.

Our ancestors did not get eaten by dinosaurs before they reproduced. They found enough resources to survive to nurture the next generation. They may even have shared some of those resources when their offspring left the nest.

They made it safe for us to survive.

That’s what the MONEY MONSTERS are trying to do too.

But now that we are no longer in constant mortal peril, they kinda don’t have serious jobs anymore. It’s peacetime for the amygdala. What’s a hardworking MONEY MONSTER to do?

Find trouble at every turn.

But like a dog who just wants to go out for a walk, they are alerting you to every little noise and potential danger.

Catch that? Potential danger

Yes, it could be a serial killer at the door…..or the mail man.

It could be a terrifying beast with blood dripping fangs……or it could be the tightly wound chihuahua from next door.

MONEY MONSTERS aren’t capable of discerning the difference. They are just on high alert for danger.

Thank them for their service and let them know you value their bringing the threat to your attention.

Not every security alert means imminent death.

It’s just letting you know of the possibility of danger.

And that’s always good to know.

What you do with it is up to you.

That’s the freedom.

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