Spend with your future self in mind.

The challenge when it comes to spending is that we only know what has already happened.

Humans love to remind themselves of the past and this includes the money and expenses that have come before.

The beautiful thing about life, especially in a creative career, is that you really don’t know what is coming. You have an idea, you have a vision, you have an inkling, but until it happens, you have no idea what’s next.

So when it comes to planning or budgeting your money, it can be easy to fixate on the known numbers:

  • what has come before
  • what happens to other people
  • what the worst possible outcome would be

Yet, as likely as these solidly reasoned projections might be, they are still projections. They are ephemeral shadows made to represent an unknowable future.

And frankly, you just don’t know what the universe has in store for you and for your future self.

Remember that person? Your future self, the one you are evolving into.

They have needs too and you don’t yet have a sense of what those are.

So take some time and consider the expenses that might be needed when you arrive at the place you are heading for. Maybe that’s pilates classes, maybe that’s another degree, maybe that’s a subscription for art supplies.

Consider investing in the you that’s coming and perhaps you just might prompt them to arrive that much sooner.

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