Hard work leads to receiving.

When welcoming abundance, one of the best approaches is to work on receiving. Not the continual hustle of supply and demand, transactions and tasks.

You release control and surrender to the experience at hand.

Triggering, I know.

But sometimes there are tasks in surrender. You might need to focus on maintenance tasks for awhile, the stuff that keeps tapas at bay as we might say in yoga. You might need to head into your dream space and allow the fresh idea to emerge fully formed from your mind like Athena from Zeus’ head. Or you might need to keep on keepin’ on as all the stuff that you are doing builds up like interest in your high-yield savings account.

So before you decide to stop everything and wait for the universe to answer your prayers, ask yourself, ‘Where I can practice receiving through small efforts to co-create with the larger ones the Universe is implementing on my behalf?

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