Protect your ass(ets)

In money and business, you are building a foundation to secure yourself for the long haul. You want a financial cushion that endures.

That means you need to be active in taking great care of it, both in the maintenance tasks of money, like checking your bank statement for any charges that aren’t right, and in the protection part, where you make sure that your MONEY boat is tightly sealed to survive the storms ahead.

This can mean getting contracts in writing, rather than trusting the good will of both people. It can mean finally figuring out what the APR is on your credit card and negotiating a better rate. It also might mean increasing the insurance you have on yourself, your home, or your belongings.

It’s not always the best, most fun part of the money equation but it’s one of the most important. If you can weather whatever comes, how can you take the creative risks you need to push your career forward?

Bravery is important but unprotected risks can lead to hard consequences.

Where can you shore up the protections around the MONEY castle you are building for yourself?

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