Money does not equal love.

As a creative, you may love what you do. You just maybe don’t make the MONEY you want to make at it.

You may make great MONEY but don’t love what you do.

You may love the MONEY you make but not what you create.

It can be so many forms of chasing your emotional tail when it comes to MONEY and your creative career. Each accomplishment pushing a key part of your creative vision further away.

Or so it seems.

Funding your best creative life means taking the time to get aligned with what is the best use of your sacred spark in this moment, in this season.

It requires a tapping in and knowing about what is needed in the days ahead. As you get better at knowing what your inner self is directing you towards, you can create for longer stretches into the future.

One of the challenges that sometimes creatives struggle with is that the path to abundance is unclear. Sometimes it seems to veer off road into the wilderness.

That’s the joy of it.

The path to financial success for creatives is one of in-the-moment responses and staying open to possibility. If there was a straight shot to the corner office, would you really even want it?

Creatives love adventure. Discovery. Passion. Delight.

Tap into those pursuits and learn to love the journey. That’s what ignites what some might call the ‘Law of Attraction’.

MONEY follows love.

But it isn’t love.

It’s the result of your offering of what lights you up. It draws buyers to the flame and creates the abundance you are seeking.

Trust the love and the MONEY will follow.

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