Budgets are flexible.

In times of change or transition, it’s important to remind yourself that budgets aren’t carved in stone and sent by the gods. They are living, breathing documents that are meant to bend with the times.

In simple months, perhaps this means you spent a little more on vacation (remember those?) than you meant to. So you tighten the spending in other areas for a little while to balance out the spurge. No harm, no foul.

In times of greater transition, such as an unexpected move or cash flow change, it’s important to take a good look at where your money is going and if it is still the best use of those resources.

That’s all money is, right? Resources.

Do you need to spend that much on that purchase or spending category?

This might mean pausing or canceling a gym membership as soon as you move. Yes, you love it but will you really drive across town to work out there? Maybe, maybe not.

This could mean a shift in how you prepare your meals. Maybe grocery stores are farther away in your new location so ordering a mailed grocery service is a timesaver as well as a convenient option. Time can be money.

This could be how certain expenses are classified within your budget. Suddenly a storage unit or a moving service goes from a nice to have option to a necessity, seemingly overnight. Embrace the change and allow your budget to grow.

With change comes abundance and the universe will reward you in time for your bravery.

Just don’t be afraid to be proactive with your budget in the meantime.

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