The cost of misunderstanding

Relationships are your currency.

It’s sometimes hard, when you are just starting out, to see how the people you meet might one day translate into MONEY but trust me, that’s where the good stuff lies.

The on-going, enduring MONEY comes from strong relationships with great people.

So it can be a painful time in your business when a spark of misunderstanding arises within an otherwise valuable relationship and it feels like a breach neither party can broach.

It’s important in those moments to do some practical reckoning on the relationships. What is it worth to you?

How much MONEY does it draw into your life?

How much joy (worth more than MONEY) does this person also bring to you?

What is the value of the loss you are suffering in this moment and what is the value of the future loss of the potential loss of this relationship?

Heart stuff should not always be measured with numbers. But it is a helpful thing to consider when you are mulling over a financial disagreement with someone you otherwise adore.

So ask yourself, what is the cost of this misunderstanding, now and in the future?

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