What’s your money inheritance?

So much of money is inherited.

  • Mindset – your attitudes around money
  • Generational wealth – the money passed from one generation to the next
  • Relationship with money – how money is spent or saved

These approaches to how you handle your cash may take shape as early childhood when you may have first asked for a treat and been told it wasn’t worth the price.

How does that memory make you feel?

Many of my creative clients say it makes them feel like they don’t deserve the things that they want. That desire and pleasure must be separate from ‘having enough’.

Since creativity requires a sense of enjoyment and delight, this is a counter-intuitive approach to your creative business.

Like we aren’t responsible for our genetic legacy, we aren’t responsible for the cultural beliefs we inherited either. They are given to us by our family and upbringing.

How we apply them to our life is a different matter.

Imagine that you could view money as a co-creator in your creative journey and that the things you wished for made your creative business flourish. When you stoke the fires of your innovative mind, you might be surprised the gold that emerges from the ashes.

Take a moment today and consider what inherited belief or behavior around money no longer serves you (and maybe even holds you back) and seek out ways to release it for good. So money!

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