Clean out your closet.

In our modern life, we tend to be more focused on accumulating than valuing.

This leads to a clogged closet that is more buried than benefits us.

We can’t see what we have so we can’t use it so we can’t enjoy it so we can’t appreciate what we have.

Do you see the edge in that accumulation of actions?

We buy what we need and sometimes what we want. We sometimes forget to go back and look at what we have.

This is not just pairs of shoes.

This is anything that we hold onto that is more than we can really use anytime soon. It gathers stuck energy around itself and begins to feel like a burden, heavy and unmovable.

Back in the day, this was fancy samples from chic hotels. I had piles of them and never used one of them. Somewhere in my mind, I thought I would have a day when I felt the way I wanted to feel and I would use them.

SPOILER ALERT: that day never came.

They leaked, took up space, and started to devolve into goo. Sad loss of a neglected resource.

Cash flow has flow in its name because it is meant to move.

You put a little out there and more comes back. You move some into savings or a long term account and then a little more flows its way.

It’s the in and out of the tide. The tide may go out but it always does come back in.

But if you clog up the flow with a boulder of stuck energy because of a lack mindset, the flow may move around the obstacle and away from you.

So maybe take some time and clean out your closet. You might just find something you need and forgot you had. Your MONEY will thank you.

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