Trust the exhale.

When MONEY feels tight, it can feel like a constriction, not unlike the feeling of waiting to inhale.

There’s this sense of emptiness and tightness that can be painful if not embraced.

Yet it is merely the moment before the refill, the inhale.

Say, you plop a big chunk of change down on something you love, that vintage album you could never find, that apartment you swore you could never afford, that dream trip that finally felt right.

The zeros that come into your bank account may feel final, like they are the new normal.

Yet they are the placeholders for a process. The process of flow, abundance.

You wait to inhale for a half moment and then you do.

You wait to receive the MONEY you spent to feel flush again. And then you do.

That is the flux of financial abundance and it’s healthy.

Just think, if the tide never went out, how could the waters come back in?

Trust yourself and trust the flow. Exhale deeply to invite in richly.

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