3 Tips for Funding a New Theater Company

It may not be too long into your actor hustle before you start to think, “I just want to do a show. Let’s put on a play!” Suddenly the romance of casting yourself in your favorite role expands into imaging yourself at the helm of a real arts and culture institution. Yet, the biggest hurdle as a start-up theater maker is often the same thing driving you to want to create your own work: money.

3 Money Principles Actors Can Learn From Shakespeare

Little is definitively known about the man who came from Stratford Upon Avon to make his way in upwardly mobile Elizabethan London. Yet close examination of Shakespeare’s plays, paired with details of his proposed biography, reveals three key money principles that may have guided him to create plague-resistant financial success when his main source of income was largely nonexistent. 

5 Self-Care Tips for Building Your Creative Reserves on a Budget

I built up the financial and emotional resources I needed to perform all over the world, branch out into content creation, and produce my own work, including the premiere of my first feature film in Europe this summer. Now, I coach creatives to do the same.  Working with my clients, I’ve found there are five key ways you can build up your creative reserves in even the most stagnant period. 

Save can be a four letter word

There can come a time in your financial journey when saving becomes enjoyable, even addictive. After so many years of trying to get that number in your bank account to rise, it feels amazing to stack those zeroes and watch them rise. This may seem like a good problem to have but it is really the other side of the (MONEY) coin in terms of your financial wellbeing.

How to calculate how much you SHOULD make for an hour of your time

Putting a number on your time brings up all kinds of inferiority complex playmates: Am I enough? Is my work enough? Do I even know enough to charge? etc. etc. The MONEY MONSTERS start roaring the minute you start to consider your They can’t help it, they’re trying to keep you safe So take a step back and remove yourself, your sense of self, from the equation.

Money Vacay

Have you ever gone on vacation and felt that sense of endless days filled with possibilities? Wandering new streets and seeing new shops, window-shopping at new places and even buying something you never expected are some of my most favorite parts of traveling. Yet how often have you gone on a MONEY vacation and feltContinue reading “Money Vacay”

What’s your number?

Money is just a number. It’s not magic, it’s not approval, it’s not love. It’s just some numbers written down somewhere that may or may not be attached to your name. That’s it. So why then do we decide that it indicates our value, my dear Creative? Why does the number in that account orContinue reading “What’s your number?”

Lead with value.

When your work is play, so often it is hard to see it as valuable. Our culture teaches us that hard work is noble and suffering is required for growth. Yet, watching children explore the things that fascinate them demonstrates how untrue this #adulting assumption is. A child that wants to feel in control mightContinue reading “Lead with value.”